Motorized Window Shades for Smart Home

Smart Motorized Window Shades For Your Smart Home

Today’s smart home enables homeowners to be environmentally conscious without compromising style and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Powershades’ motorized window shades technology offers something new – systems designed to be installed and maintained by the homeowner, that come at a price making them accessible to all.

Why Choose Powershades?



Powershades brings the modern comfort, convenience, and style of intelligent motorized window shades to any home.

Sun Exposure

Good for the Environment

Smart sun exposure reduces your energy consumption. It really is that simple with Powershades.



In a connected world, your home is your refuge. Keep it that way with motorized window shades that learn and respond to your needs.

Smart Home Technology

Powershades’ proprietary technology enables a high degree of integration with nearly any other smart home automation system or device – simplifying control into technology you already use.

DIY Smart Home Motorized Window Shades at Your Fingertips

Powershades are designed for the DIYer – anyone with basic skills and tools can install Powershades on their own with the help of online tutorials, guides, and support videos.

Powershades fully and easily integrates with most mainstream home automation systems, enhancing home life without adding additional complexity.

Use a Smart Home Automation Professional Installer

You’re busy – we understand that. Save valuable time by working with one of the Powershades¬†smart home automation partners, and at the same time, benefit from their expertise.

Our partners know the world of smart home automation inside and out, ensuring you get the most out of your investments and simplify your controls and systems as much as possible.